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The new world of convergence: A letter to the CEO

Author: Jennifer Bedford

Not that long ago, I sat across the table from a decision-maker in marketing and a decision-maker in technology for a travel client. I knew their business challenges, and they were both trying to achieve the same thing. Each of them, however, had their own agenda and view of the world, which isn’t uncommon.

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3 ways to maximize customer interactions

Author: Dan DeZutter

As a frequent traveler, I have strong brand loyalty to a specific airline, car rental company and hotel chain. One of the few perks of business travel is collecting rewards and using them for great family vacations. As a marketer I’m keenly aware of the benefits loyalty programs provide as well as the customer experiences I receive as part of these programs. This includes understanding the ways in which travel companies market to me when I am in flight or on property. During one recent stay at my favorite hotel brand I noticed a missed marketing opportunity that I thought was a good lesson for all marketers. Here’s what happened.

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