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Unifying big data and customer experience

Author: Jay Mellman

You’d have to be asleep to avoid articles and advertisements focused on big data analytics and driving new insights around customer behavior.  And next to all of these articles, you’d see a call for delivering a consistent and highly personalized experience for all users across all devices. Each discipline demands deep functional expertise and its own balance between art and science – knowing how to pull out actionable insights from an exploding pool of data sources or arriving at a level of personalization and engagement that delivers a compelling experience.  And for some time, these initiatives have resided within separate marketing or IT teams. But here’s the challenge:  the best companies are already bringing these two areas together and accelerating their competitive advantage.  Moreover, with only 12% of marketers having the right tools in place to express a unified view of the customer, the gulf between the haves and have-nots is expanding daily.

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