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4 ways to connect emotionally with donors

Author: Heather Schichtel

We buy food because we are hungry. Gas because our car needs fuel to function. Shoes because we really do need those sandals that go perfectly with a new outfit. But we give because we feel an emotional tie to a cause. For marketers trying to predict who will give to what organization at what time of year and how much, the ever changing dynamics of the non-profit sector can make this process unpredictable and challenging at best.

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Q1 email trends and benchmarks: Understanding cross-device behavior remains critical

Author: Epsilon Marketing

“With the continued cross-device behavior from email subscribers, more than ever marketers need to leverage data to reach consumers on their preferred device, with precise timing and a creative message that is optimized for the channel they are interacting in at the time,” shared Judy Loschen, Senior Vice President, Digital Analytics at Epsilon. “To make emails more relevant for consumers, marketers need to focus integrating mobile, social, digital media and email channels to create connected experiences that drives results.”

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Leveraging data to create emotional intelligence for marketing

Author: Liz Buderus

Think about a photograph or painting you’ve seen that made you laugh out loud.  Or moved you deeply.  Think about looking at a fashion magazine and how you think of yourself wearing those pants to work or your next night out.  Images invoke an emotional reaction in us and when they do they often stay in our minds for an extended period of time.  How can you leverage this when utilizing data?

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