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Loyalty found: Optimizing customer experience to encourage allegiance

Author: Sarah Higbee

Customer loyalty is something all brands covet, as it can be hard to come by. Customers are reporting lower levels of loyalty than in the past – 56 percent of surveyed high income consumers indicated they are less brand loyal now, compared to years prior. If customers are less loyalty-driven, does that mean loyalty programs and efforts becoming obsolete? Quite the opposite! A well-marketed loyalty program can drive both customer retention and new customer acquisition for your brand.

Please take it personally

Author: Don Graumann

“Don’t take it personal” is a common retort when an interpersonal interaction goes wrong (usually after having offended someone).  Or, at the very least, the communication was not interpreted as you intended.

Innovation in customer experience

Author: Epsilon Marketing

Bridging the gaps across digital, online and offline channels is an organizational challenge many marketers face. The siloed operational mindset is no longer effective, resulting in a disconnected customer experience. In this organizational construct, brands view the transactional activity of consumers in each individual channel and not holistically across all channels. Therefore they’re missing a 360-degree view of the consumers they are trying to reach and lacking the insight needed to engage customers with compelling and consistent experiences.