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Turning a friend into a donor – the influential power of social media

Author: Heather Schichtel

As we continue to embrace marketing transformation this new year our digital strategy must remain front and center. It’s a complex landscape with multiple platforms and data outlets available. To be competitive and continue to increase donor bases, not-for-profit (NFP) organizations must be relevant with all content and focus on the channels of communication that are influential …. and be social.

Maintaining the true meaning of Giving Tuesday

Author: Heather Schichtel

Giving Tuesday celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a day for not-for-profits (NFPs) to share their story and encourage donors to give to their organization. For donors, it’s a day to give-back to a charity that has special meaning to them. The day continues to grow in success – Giving Tuesday 2017 saw more than $60.9 million go to 7,200 organizations. Additionally, online donations increased for the sixth year running to 28%. Clearly, not-for-profit organizations were pleased with the results but as the day grows in prominence, NFPs can’t lose sight of its true meaning.