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It is no secret that sending personalized, relevant emails can increase subscriber engagement. Triggered emails have proven their effectiveness time and again.  According to the Q4 2014 Email Trends and Benchmarks Report, triggered emails continue to outperform with click rates 135.8% higher than business as usual (BAU) click rates.

Email continues to be an effective way to engage with consumers and influence their path to purchase but marketers are still challenged with engaging new subscribers and maintaining the loyalty of mature email subscribers.

The Email Activity Segment Evaluation (EASE) found that marketers are still challenged with engaging new subscribers. Only 9% of new subscribers click-through an email and two-thirds of new subscribers in an average list have no opens or clicks:


Meanwhile, 86% of a marketer’s email list had been on file for more than three months. 17% of these mature email subscribers engaged with an email program recently while 53% did so in the previous 12 months.



These findings indicate that marketers need to use the tools, technology and data available to them to engage new subscribers and maintain the loyalty of mature email subscribers. Email marketers struggling to engage subscribers can look to the Retail Apparel Industry for best practices. This category had the highest amount of engaged subscribers in Q4 2014 with 29% categorized as a Super star (subscribers who have opened and/or clicked within the most recent three months) and Rising stars (subscribers who have both opened and/or clicked on an email).

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