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Machine learning enables personalized email

Better data drives email performance

Recognizing and reaching the right customers

A healthy loyalty program partnership

Co-op advertising drives value for CDW and its partner brands

Email best practices increase app downloads

Data-driven messages connect with the right consumers, at scale

A cohesive strategy leads to impressive loyalty results

A modern approach for a classic restaurant

Converting outdoor enthusiasts

Agile approach drives new visitors and measures real economic impact

Percolating deeper customer connections

Popular Florida destination attracts high-yielding visitors

MarketView identifies and reaches luxury cruisers

Applying a strong digital media strategy to reach L’Occitane’s goals

Data-driven CRM strategy boosts reactivation and loyalty

Venturing toward new customers

Eye-catching display ads drive community impact

Responsive website redesign engages & educates credit union members

Acquiring VIPs with Abacus® data and modeling

Revitalizing online customer experiences

Private exchange for publishers delivers top performance

Multi-touch email program bolsters new brand launch

Live content fuels local engagement

Abacus® Cooperative and modeling increase donor response rate and giving level

Profitable customer acquisition through catalog and online

Making the right match on Safari

Strong data and machine learning models drive brick & mortar expansion

Helping a DMO attract visitors and drive strong return on ad spend

B2C AI provider improves data quality, coverage and performance

Abacus® Cooperative and modeling reactivates lapsed donors

Personalized messaging drives revenue

Publisher Common ID improves user matching & monetization

Accurate identification drives acquisition and retention

Driving speed-to-market with audience insights for a financial brand

Dairy company wins market share from national competitor

Responsive email template increases bank’s speed to market and engagement

Connecting customer data to increase credit card signups

Delivering the right message at the right time for niche retailer

Fast-casual restaurant chain brings menu innovation to more customers

Reviving a declining PLCC program

Efficiently increasing private-label credit card signups

Home furniture brand drives true acquisition with accurate targeting

Bank turns account holders into credit card customers

Hit movie studio skips the small screen

QSR matches online impressions with offline actions to boost market share

Leading beauty retailer maximizes returns on partner-provided budgets

Large pharmacy improves category sales

Major luxury cruise line efficiently drives bookings

National hotel chain wins over guests from competing brands

Using digital prescreen to drive quality accounts

Casual Dining restaurant drives sales with strong identity and personalized messages

Major cable network drives viewership for returning hit show

OTC medicine brand increases ROAS at key retailers

Retaining existing account owners through digital

Reaching the right prospects to increase account contributions

Fortune 500 bank grows new checking accounts

Leading U.S. bank leverages customer data while meeting privacy regulations

Regional bank drives new deposit accounts and online engagement

Using life event triggers to drive auto insurance policies

Engaging qualified leads to grow home insurance policies

Leading financial institution attracts new customers at lower cost

Accurate audience segments drive sales for national pizza chain

Integrated digital media solution grows addressable audience for auto retailer