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Machine learning enables personalized email

Better data drives email performance

Recognizing and reaching the right customers

A healthy loyalty program partnership

Email best practices increase app downloads

Data-driven messages connect with the right consumers, at scale

MarketView identifies and reaches luxury cruisers

A modern approach for a classic restaurant

Converting outdoor enthusiasts

Agile approach drives new visitors and measures real economic impact

Percolating deeper customer connections

Data-driven CRM strategy boosts reactivation and loyalty

Venturing toward new customers

Acquiring VIPs with Abacus® data and modeling

Revitalizing online customer experiences

Private exchange for publishers delivers top performance

Multi-touch email program bolsters new brand launch

Responsive email template increases bank’s speed to market and engagement

Live content fuels local engagement

Abacus® Cooperative and modeling increase donor response rate and giving level

Profitable customer acquisition through catalog and online

Making the right match on Safari

B2C AI provider improves data quality, coverage and performance

Delivering the right message at the right time for niche retailer

Abacus® Cooperative and modeling reactivates lapsed donors

Accurate identification drives acquisition and retention

Dairy company wins market share from national competitor

Personalized messaging drives revenue