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Using life event triggers to drive auto insurance policies

A Fortune 500 insurance company wanted to drive auto insurance policies by efficiently reaching only qualified, net-new leads that displayed in-market behavior. They had previously experienced low performance in digital because they used broad segments and demographics without any AI modeling or use of intent data. So they were looking for a partner that would focus on identifying only quality leads displaying life event triggers that indicated active in-market behavior before they were in need to buy.

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Engaging the right leads to fuel lower cost per lead

Combining the client’s current auto policy holders file and site information with Epsilon’s rich profiles spanning across 7K+ attributes, the client could activate AI models from existing auto policy holders to find ideal leads with minimal waste. Then, our industry-leading cross-device match accuracy rate of 96% allowed them to identify in-market, true net-new leads while suppressing current policy holders.

Epsilon was able to then hyper-focus on in-market, ready leads based on their online and offline behavior and real-time intent data to improve efficiency and response. Our identity and large 200M+ consumer network provided quality customers the client could specifically target based on their criteria—whether to suppress existing or find net-new customers that have attributes similar to their best customers.

Epsilon’s user intent data on life event triggers increased auto insurance policies at a more efficient cost.

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