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Connecting customer data to increase credit card signups

A big-box retail chain wanted to increase online and in-store credit card signups. Epsilon helped them to identify the right prospects and cost-effectively reach them with personalized digital messages—motivating more engagement than industry-standard ads that push static, impersonal offers.

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    under original CPA goal
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    increase in approval rate

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Unified views of customers both online and offline

Epsilon onboarded the retailer’s cardholder file and combined it with over 200+ million profiles, which gave us a high-definition view of each person across 7,000+ attributes. Once the retailer implemented strategic site tagging, they had unified views of their customers—online and offline—that combined recent brand interactions with third-party data.

These unified profiles allowed the retailer to identify and reach only net-new qualified prospects who looked like their best cardholders, withholding marketing from everyone else. Our years of historical data helped the retailer deliver relevant, personalized messages that drove new account signups that exceeded goals by 98% in one month. 

Combining first-party and third-party data enhanced the retailer’s customer knowledge, maximizing campaign efficiency by reaching a more approvable audience—delivering lower cost-per-signups (CPS) and driving measurable results.

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