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Thawing frozen customer segments with better data

Although they have an impressive customer base, 70% of Dell EMC’s marketable B2B contacts were inactive and 43% never engaged with their email marketing materials. Instead of removing contacts, they partnered with Epsilon to better understand their inactive subscribers and to implement a CRM strategy that drove re-engagement and increased revenue.

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    higher revenue
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    higher margins
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    more units per buyer

Dell knew they had to either re-engage these inactive contacts or “let them go.”

Epsilon and Dell EMC created the “Unfrozen” program: a data-driven content and contact strategy using direct mail, email and retargeting.

Using Dell EMC customer data and Epsilon/Dell customer engagement profiles, we built a multichannel strategy for two different types of “sleepy subscribers”: Nappers (no engagement for 3-12 months) and Dormants (no engagement for 1-2 years). Using Epsilon PeopleCloud's Messaging platform, we launched highly targeted campaigns which included direct mail, personalized email, permission pass email and a sweepstakes. Our support extended to B2B messaging best practices, responsive-design creative, program execution, goal-setting and benchmarks.

The “Unfrozen” campaign has won multiple awards including:

  • CRM Magazine 2018 Market Awards Elite Customer
  • MQ Award Winner for The Relevancy Group’s Best Cross-Channel Campaign category
  • MediaPost EIS Award: Member’s Choice (Lifecycle Category)

Epsilon was also awarded Dell’s Partner of the Year in 2018 for the Consumer and Small Business Loyalty program, Dell Advantage.

We decided to work with Epsilon to leverage the power of engagement segmentation, which is how we discovered an iceberg of non-engagers.

Mercedee Hutton, Omnichannel Marketing Senior Strategist, Dell EMC
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