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Efficiently attracting more profitable customers

A Fortune 100 financial services organization was looking to find a more affluent market with expendable income to invest. Epsilon’s digital media solutions helped them find the right audience and execute their message across devices, resulting in higher account contributions than average.

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Messaging the right prospects at scale 

Epsilon’s industry-leading identity resolution management across millions of rich consumer profiles, spanning over 7,000 attributes, gave the financial services company access to the right prospects, at scale. They were able to select a focused audience that fit their criteria: affluent consumers who were in-market and matched their specific product offering.   

We then enabled them to find and reach this audience online with messages they cared about. 

Through our transparent, closed-looped reporting, the client had full visibility into conversions. They were able to compare the total contributions from new accounts driven by Epsilon vs. new account opens that did not receive our message, at 90 and 180 days after the account was opened. 

New account owners who received our message significantly outperformed the others, in some cases by 37%. Not only was Epsilon able to find more profitable prospects driving higher contributions, we executed the program more effectively than the client on their own. 


Focusing on a defined audience enabled the client to find a more profitable market that drove higher contributions than their average account holders.

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