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Cross-selling banking customers through digital media

One of the country’s largest banks wanted to cross-sell credit cards to its account holders, but their typical methods for digital marketing fell short—unable to identify a significant percentage of their audience online. Epsilon helped them identify and reach their most approvable customers, ultimately acquiring them at an effective cost per acquisition (CPA) at scale.

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    match rate for current deposit holders
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    under original CPA goal
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    new credit card accounts monthly (6X over monthly goal)

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Industry-leading cross-device accuracy

First, we took the bank’s customer database and matched it with our 200+ million privacy-protected  consumer profiles. We found customers eligible for cross-sell who were most likely to be approved for credit cards and messaged them across channels and devices with industry-leading 96% accuracy.

By precisely reaching this valuable clientele across channels and suppressing existing cardholders, we were able to convert them at a high approval rate and exceed the bank’s CPA goal—proving out our solution’s benefit to optimize overall ad spend and campaign efficiency. These results were so successful that the bank turned this into an “always on” initiative.

This “always on” initiative drives 2,200 new accounts monthly with approval rates of 60%, 3X higher than their baseline approval rate for the bank’s similar programs.

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