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Reengaging cardholders with digital marketing

A national retailer’s private label credit card (PLCC) program was shrinking, losing 1.5 cardholders for every new acquisition. Working with Epsilon, they created a digital marketing program to retain existing customers while encouraging them to increase their usage and spend.

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Activating and motivating cardholders

Knowing that 30% of cardholders’ purchases were paid for with a tender other than the PLCC, the campaign goal was to reach the right people with compelling offers that inspired in-store card use.  Using our industry-leading 96% accuracy, we matched 77% of the retailer’s buyer file to privacy-protected profiles that include our real-time customer understanding across 7,000+ attributes.

We served exclusive offers to these valuable cardholders, using always-on messaging to stay top-of-mind and compete with other payment options. Ultimately, this method helped to boost card usage and drive incremental spend.

Epsilon compared usage and revenue of messaged cardholders against a holdout group and saw a 5%+ lift in both measures. Because of the campaign’s success, the brand turned it into an “always on” strategy to continuously drive cardholder spend.

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