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Using digital prescreen to drive quality accounts

A national private-label credit card (PLCC) issuer needed to acquire quality, new accounts for their premium products. Epsilon and TransUnion’s partnership helped them to cost-effectively identify, prescreen and convert customers, exceeding their goals.

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 A scalable, accurate and transparent prescreen solution

The PLCC’s previous attempts through Invitation to Apply and Netdown list re-targeting were not yielding the scale desired to grow their business through the online channel. Partnering with TransUnion, we created a scalable, accurate and transparent prescreen solution that combined our real-time behavioral data and unparalleled identity reach with their financial services knowledge.

The PLCC could then define a credit-worthy, credit-ready audience to target against their direct mail program. With accurate finance-related data and credit-active profiles from TransUnion, the PLCC was able to find the most qualified prospects. Additionally, they eliminated waste with Epsilon’s real-time intent signals and cross-device accuracy by only delivering appropriate, relevant offers based on each prospects current need. Finally, they were able to extend their reach online because of TransUnion’s FCRA-compliant process.

With our real-time behavioral data and unparalleled identity reach, the Epsilon and TransUnion partnership combines the offline and online worlds, allowing our PLCC client to cost-effectively reach qualified prospects at scale through digital.

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