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Efficiently increasing private-label credit card signups

A popular women’s apparel retailer needed to increase credit card signups but without enough scale, traditional marketing channels became exhausted, falling short of CPA goals for acquisition. Using Epsilon, they were able to find a new audience that matched their best existing customers at an efficient cost per acquisition (CPA).

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Finding new, high-value customers at scale

By combining the brand’s first-party data with Epsilon’s robust knowledge of 200+ million people spanning across 7,000+ online and offline attributes, we modeled desirable attributes of existing cardholders to find similar prospects currently unknown to the brand. These insights helped the brand reach qualified, in-market consumers with display across desktop, mobile and tablet.

Over the course of a year, the campaign generated thousands of new credit card approvals for the brand at a lower CPA than other channels, proving the efficiency and scale of digital.

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