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Identifying prospects with accuracy

A home furniture brand was concerned their acquisition solution was accidentally messaging existing instead of new-to-file customers due to cookie targeting, resulting in an artificially strong cost per acquisition (CPA). Our network of persistent individual IDs enabled them to message true prospects and increase revenue.

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    increase in average revenue per unique
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    of messaging to true prospects
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    increase in AOV

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Reaching and converting new-to-file customers

Instead of cookie-based targeting, Epsilon used its network of persistent individual IDs to identify consumers who had not purchased at the brand within 24 months. This enabled the client to reach true new-to-file customers by using IDs to exclude current customers from advertising—eliminating the prior waste. We delivered personalized messages to every prospect based on our deep insights including who they are, what they like and how they interact with the brand, ultimately increasing net new sales.

Epsilon observes 200+ billion online interactions and 120+ million purchases daily to find the best in-market consumers for our clients’ acquisition goals.

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