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Delivering unique demand and high quality ads

Hometalk.com, a leading do-it-yourself (DIY) site, was seeking a demand partner who could deliver high ad quality, unique ad demand, bidding speed and increased revenue. The Publisher Common ID Module helped them to monetize a portion of their ad supply with high-value personalized advertising.

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    increase in daily revenue after integrating the module
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    of overall Hometalk revenue
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    for bid response speed for all demand partners

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Consistently delivering quality ads and strong performance 

Following past relationships with partners who enabled redirects and malware that harmed their reputation, ad quality was Hometalk’s first priority. With just a few hours of development time, they integrated the Publisher Common ID Module and Epsilon served high quality, targeted brand ads. 

The Publisher Common ID Module stores a unique user ID in the first party domain and makes it accessible to all adapters. Similar to Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) and Android Advertising Identifier (AAID), this is a simple unique device identifier (UUID) that can be utilized to improve user matching.  

Since implementing the moduleHometalk has seen a 40% average increase in daily earnings. And the client is pleased with “the hassle-free partnership” with Epsilon, including the hands-on nature of the reps, the speed of the support and the level of transparency. 


Focusing on a defined audience enabled the client to find a more profitable market that drove higher contributions than their average account holders.

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