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Teeing up sales and scale for Hot Topic

Hot Topic’s digital marketing wasn’t reaching their audience cost-effectively. They needed a better way to drive sales with customers, site visitors and prospects at scale. With Epsilon PeopleCloud's Digital Media Solutions, they found, messaged and converted the right people by delivering personalized conversations.

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Messaging real people at the right time

Hot Topic wasn’t satisfied with the results from their previous digital marketing solution or their inability to scale. They needed a partner that could reach more of their customers to drive re-engagement from millions of past buyers. They engaged Epsilon for a three month proof of concept test with ambitious goals: to drive current customers to make more purchases, increase online sales and recruit new prospects who looked like current customers.

With customer insight from 200+ million real people, we helped Hot Topic accurately identify and connect with consumers across all devices. Our 7000+ person-level attributes provided a comprehensive view of Hot Topic’s customers, including their real-time personal preferences. This enabled Hot Topic to deliver 45 million unique conversations to more than two million individuals per month. Site visitors received personalized messages featuring the most popular products within their viewed categories that also aligned with their known individual profile preferences.

Lookalike models based on the attributes of Hot Topic’s best customers helped identify quality, in-market prospects while accurately suppressing current customers. Then Hot Topic delivered custom messages highlighting relevant images and products that would resonate with that particular prospect to drive better outcomes, at scale.

Showing the right message to the right people at the right time is extremely important. And that is one of the things [Epsilon] does very well.

Brian Lamb, Digital Strategist, Senior Digital Marketing Analyst, Hot Topic
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