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Achieving goals with strong digital media solutions & a results-driven partnership

A national auto retailer wanted to grow their addressable audience to get more customers into their loyalty program and gain incremental lift with their existing buyers. But with a fragmented tech stack consisting of multiple vendors, attaining a single view of their customers was difficult. Epsilon PeopleCloud’s full suite of Digital Media Solutions was the right fit to achieve these marketing goals throughout the funnel.

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    incremental ROAS (exceeding $6:1 goal) from retention program
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    messaged revenue from 10M non-addressable buyers reached
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    new loyal customers acquired at an $8 CPA

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A suite of digital media solutions achieves business goals

Epsilon PeopleCloud Digital Media Solutions’ integrated stack was the perfect blend of strategy and impact for the national auto retailer to engage their customer base while conquesting new ones. With customer insights from 200M+ real people across devices, Epsilon was able to reach the right customers in specific markets with unparalleled accuracy. Also, with our exclusive third-party data set CORE Transact, Epsilon identified and messaged 10M non-loyalty buyers not currently in the auto retailer’s loyalty file to entice them with a sign-up. When messaging consumers, Epsilon was sure to create engaging, high-impact personalized messaging in a variety of creative formats.

This end-to-end strategic partnership resulted in:

  • Captured market share from their top competitors
  • Exceeded their incremental lift goals with existing buyers and site visitors from the retention program
  • Maximized brand partner sales by identifying in-market shoppers
  • Increased traffic to the auto retailer’s website from in-market audiences that are not currently visiting the site
  • Boosted sales in seasonal categories
  • Drove loyalty program membership
  • Leveraged acquisition and retention strategies to drive growth among spanish-speaking customers. 



Epsilon digital media solutions help brands deepen relationships with a lifetime of meaningful conversations across all customers’ devices—powered by unprecedented knowledge of who they are, what they buy and how they buy.

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