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Franchise pizza giant drives sales with Addressable TV

A national pizza chain sought to transition all their media channels to audience-based buys in an effort to create a consistent audience across channels. Epsilon helped them define the right audience segments, understand performance across channels and reach them with Addressable TV, resulting in increased spend.

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    exposures to ad resulted in higher spend per household
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    lift across spend per buyer exposed to Addressable TV ad
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    lift in buyer spend for ‘single survivor’ audience segment

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Accurate audience segments and closed-loop measurement cooks up big results

To create a consistent audience across channels, Epsilon tapped into our robust transactional data to translate 8 client-defined target consumer profiles into corresponding, targetable audience segments for Addressable TV campaigns. We grouped consumers based on the frequency of pizza and pasta purchases in the last 24 months, across 50+ competitive brands—not just the client’s. This gave the pizza chain the best and most relevant set of actionable audiences to execute on.

During the campaign, our unique measurement solution gave the pizza giant a clear look into audience-level performance and metrics for continued campaign optimization.

Our client landed a larger share of wallet, while consolidating their consumer profiles into actionable, relevant and efficient audiences they could leverage across their media mix.

The accurate audience segments, as well as closed-loop measurement and insights have resulted in continuation of this campaign quarter after quarter.

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