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Driving TV tune-in with maximal efficiency

A major cable network wanted to drive viewership for a returning hit show. Epsilon’s 200+ million consumer profiles and precise audience targeting helped them to connect with the right individuals through digital marketing, and our ability to measure live and DVR TV viewership helped the network see that their digital marketing drove results.

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    of messaged viewers watched through episode 3

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A highly custom audience of existing and potential viewers 

We created a highly custom audience of potential viewers. It was built from exclusive tune-in data of 14 million subscribers from a leading set-top box provider, modeled against our industry-leading set of privacy-protected online and offline data.  

We then executed an extensive digital marketing plan, delivering personal-level video and display units with 96% cross-device matching accuracy. For each impression, we verified the recipient, confirmed that the content environment was high-quality and served the relevant ad, all within milliseconds.  

The campaign reached known fans of the show plus millions of potential viewers. We created a holdout control group and sent all exposure files to our set-top box partner to measure actual tune-in to the premier, as well as the next two episodes. This allowed us to understand who tuned in across multiple episodes.  

Measurement went beyond typical video metrics like CTR and VCR—allowing the network to see whether or not the people we messaged actually tuned in to the show.

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