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Scheduling intelligence pays off for specialty retailer

This niche retailer’s customers are on-the-go and inundated with emails. To increase relevance and avoid getting buried in the inbox, they activated Agility Harmony’s Scheduling Intelligence (SI) tool to deliver emails at the individual’s optimal send time—substantially increasing engagement, conversions and sales.

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The right message at the right time

Epsilon conducted a pilot test using Agility Harmony’s Scheduling intelligence (SI) feature to help the retailer fine-tune the timing of their marketing messages. To determine the optimal email send times, the SI tool analyzed six months of their customer behavior, including email response patterns, subscriptions, opens, clicks and devices used to open emails.

Because the analytics technology is integrated with Harmony, they could send emails at different times to different people based on the best time to reach each person. SI-enabled messages arrive in the recipient’s inbox at or right before the time that they’re most likely to engage.

For an enhanced data set, the retailer participated in the contributor model, which pools their event data with the event data of other contributors. This allowed for an even more accurate send time than using their data alone.

Scheduling Intelligence is a seamless part of our email production and QA experience, and has delivered strong results. We’re using it more and more.

Email Marketing Manager, Niche retailer
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