Case Study
Epsilon data and modeling help
National Wildlife Federation uncover
prospects and grow revenue




  • Strategy and planning
  • Data and modeling




National Wildlife Federation (NWF), America’s largest conservation organization, distributes nearly 5 million consumer catalogs annually. Every item purchased from the catalog helps support conservation efforts, so NWF continually strives to grow their customer base and increase revenue. Finding new qualified prospects is an ongoing challenge—they turned to Epsilon for help.


We started with our Abacus® Cooperative data, the industry’s original and best-performing transactional cooperative database. Using Abacus and modeling, we built a prospect universe and tested systematically to determine revenue impact. We integrated our Fast PathTM solution to reduce the complexity of circulation planning and prospecting execution. And we delivered a solution that provides for the majority of NWF’s circulation needs.

The Results

NWF achieved a 9% increase in new customers, and ROI reporting indicated a 53% lift in profitability.

In addition, because the Epsilon-built prospect universe covers most of NWF’s circulation needs, they are able to focus on additional data efforts, including maximizing the profitability of their house file through reactivation and cross-sell models, working in partnership with the organization’s fundraising and publishing divisions.


lift in profitability
NWF's newly empowered prospecting
drove a 53% lift in profitability.

“The Epsilon team and their solutions continue to be a valuable asset to our prospecting efforts and more.”

— Ed Coleman, General Manager, National Wildlife Federation

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