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Preferred Hotels & Resorts wanted a loyalty solution that could bind 750 diverse, independent hotels, resorts and residences across 85 countries while delivering the flexibility and experience that their luxury consumers expect. With Epsilon PeopleCloud, Preferred brought all their data all under one roof, and now has a reliable platform that enables loyalty program enhancements, personalized conversations with members and opportunities for future growth.

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Epsilon PeopleCloud Messaging + Loyalty work together for seamless campaign activation

Epsilon PeopleCloud Loyalty & Messaging solutions help Preferred Hotels & Resorts keep up with their ever-expanding I Prefer program. Not only do they provide flexibility and speed to market, but also work cohesively with a robust CRM to elevate their campaigns, and provide their customers with a top-notch digital experience.

First, we built an email architecture system to use with Messaging’s visual editor, creating a more nimble and personalized experience including email best practices to improve engagement. Then we added agile content, allowing live time-of-open content including video. Next, we added Epsilon’s Total Source Plus (TSP) data, our multi-dimensional database which includes demographic, lifestyle, financial and hobby insights. This helped Preferred to deepen segmentation around lifecycle attributes and personalize the I Prefer member experience.

But it wasn’t technology alone that sealed the deal. Epsilon’s best-in-class client service and expertise, especially in the Travel and Hospitality industry, was the tipping point for Preferred. According to Jeri Salazar, Vice President of Loyalty, “Epsilon’s thought leadership in the loyalty space, as well as their experience with other large hospitality brands, was a valuable combination for us in addition to the robust technical solutions.”

After migrating Preferred to EPC Loyalty, we collaborated on ideas to improve their life cycle strategy. Once COVID hit, we reorganized our priorities and were able to activate new initiatives quickly. The Epsilon team pivoted the partnership to support Preferred with insights and advice on program iterations and value drivers.

To learn more about this story, watch our webinar with Jeri Salazar, Vice President of Loyalty at Preferred. She shares tips loyalty marketers can use to craft an unforgettable loyalty program that will engage customers while building brand affinity.

We are delighted to have a single point of systems management and one team working with us to understand the bigger picture. Loyalty marketing is a significant part of our broader brand marketing and campaign efforts, and Epsilon understands this interdependency at a granular level.

Jeri Salazar, Vice President of Loyalty, Preferred Hotels & Resorts
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