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Driving account growth with digital media

In response to changing customer preferences and behaviors, a regional bank decided to invest in a stronger digital marketing strategy. They partnered with Epsilon to achieve accurate and holistic views of their customers online and offline and deliver relevant messages via preferred channels. The resulting campaigns have driven new deposit accounts and increased online engagement.

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Creating stronger customer connections with a digital-first approach

By combining the regional bank’s customer data with the industry’s most comprehensive behavioral, contextual, intent and transaction/purchase data, we built a single view of every customer across their devices. We matched 67% of the bank’s customers to our 200+ million privacy protected profiles so the bank could confidently identify their customers across multiple channels, even after they moved, replaced phones or shared a household device. And instead of treating each cookie or device as a different person, we link multiple devices back to a unique individual, preventing repeat messaging and eliminating wasted ad dollars.

Combining our industry-leading identity, deep customer insights, and intent-based signals fueled the regional bank’s messaging for existing customer cross-sell, and new to bank prospecting. This allowed them to expand their outreach to surrounding areas to focus on only in-market prospects that mirrored their ideal customers to further grow their account base. Unlike previous vendors, Epsilon’s solution offered transparent, closed-looped reporting that could attribute performance and prove efficiencies in the bank’s budgets.

“Having the ability to determine ROI on our marketing spend is something that, frankly, we have never really been able to do before. We can now understand how many times we’re reaching individual prospects before we get them to take action.” —President of Digital Strategy & Innovation, regional bank

The online channel is the most important channel that we have for bringing in new customers.

President of Digital Strategy & Innovation, regional bank
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