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Reaching in-market shoppers to maximize brand partner sales

A leading beauty retailer wanted to maximize their returns on partner-provided budgets. By combining the retailer’s first-party customer data with Epsilon’s rich profiles, we were able to identify and reach customers that would be most receptive to messages, ultimately driving sales for the partner brands.

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Rich profiles and accurate cross-device matching

By combining the retailer’s website visitors and historical customer data with our rich profiles and industry-leading 96% cross-device matching accuracy, we identified the customers that would be most receptive to product-specific messages. This was essential for the retailer’s goals of increasing sales for three specific beauty brands.

Our Partner-Funded program helped the retailer find in-market shoppers interested in specific SKUs and accurately connect with them whenever they’re online to eliminate wasted outreach. Understanding shopper behavior across more than 7,000 attributes—including their brand and category preferences, purchases and shopping frequency—means the beauty retailer was able to deliver personalized creative that would appeal to individuals. The real-time, SKU-level purchase data proved essential to maximizing partner budgets.

Epsilon’s SKU-level data eliminated wasted outreach and drove $59M+ in messaged revenue.

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