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Creating healthy relationships, one customer at a time

The online-only brand Swanson Health wanted to build stronger relationships with their existing customers and make meaningful connections with new ones. Epsilon helped them accurately identify and reach their customers across all devices, leading to more than twenty million unique conversations and a 12% increase in messaged revenue.

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    incremental return on ad spend
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    lower cost per acquisition than goal
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    increase in messaged site traffic

Improving customer relationships, scientifically

Using our deep understanding of 200+ million real people, Epsilon accurately identified and reached Swanson’s customers across all devices.

Consumer profiles spanning 7,000+ attributes revealed the differences between each wellness consumer, including their real-time personal preferences. This allowed Swanson to deliver smart conversations about relevant products throughout the customer journey.

By modeling lookalike audiences based on their best customer profiles, Swanson focused exclusively on online health shoppers while suppressing brick-and-mortar shoppers. And through continuous analysis and industry-leading machine learning, Swanson keeps getting more efficient and effective at knowing when to message, what to say and when to hold back.

[Epsilon]’s knowledge of consumers and ability to reach them with personalized messages across all their devices enables us to expand our customer base to include the next generation of wellness-focused consumers.

Corey Bergstrom, Chief Marketing & Merchandising Officer at Swanson Health
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