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Highly selective with how they choose demand partners for their digital channel, Tampa Bay Times has made Epsilon a trusted partner in their ad stack year after year. Our publisher platform delivers consistency, reliability and strong results for tampabay.com, while great customer service supports the client’s daily needs.

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Delivering consistently strong performance

Our private exchange helped tampabay.com get access to premium advertisers bidding on their ad space, thanks to numerous direct partnerships with the world’s largest brands.

Our technology dynamically builds the creative layout, messaging and images for every ad, ensuring it’s relevant for each user and displays correctly. As a result, the site’s visitors only see perfectly rendered, highly relevant ads that fit the website’s aesthetic. Also, our publisher user interface gives full control and transparency into performance data with flexible, real-time reporting and dynamic yield-management capabilities to help maximize revenue.

With the dawn of GDPR, tampabay.com implemented our Consent Management Platform (CMP), a complimentary tool to gain GDPR and ePD compliant consent for digital advertising. This enabled them to continue to run ads in the EU, unlike many other publishers who had to stop.

[Epsilon] has always been a reliable source of unique demand and consistent revenue.

Kelly Cofer Martin, Director of Ad Operations, tampabay.com
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