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Reactivating deeply lapsed donors with Abacus® Cooperative

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) depends on contributions from donors, but had declining response rates from their internal universe—specifically donors who had been inactive for 19+ months. Using our Abacus Cooperative, we helped TNC improve response rates by mailing more effectively and efficiently to deeply lapsed donors.

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    more donors than client's internal model

Abacus® wins head-to-head test

We conducted housefile modeling and ran a head-to-head test of TNC’s internal model against Abacus Cooperative, the industry’s original and best-performing transactional cooperative database.

With our model and the Abacus Cooperative, The Nature Conservancy was able to identify donors and bring in 8% more from groups lapsed for 37+ months than they had with their internal model. The additional donors paid for the modeling costs by the end of the first year while the test showed TNC that they could mail into a deeper universe using additional data points (such as where else people are spending) from the Abacus Cooperative.

They listen, they are incredibly responsive and they are fluent in solutions. Epsilon brings a lens specific to our program and finds a way to enhance it.

Jaclyn Teffeau, New Member Acquisition Manager, The Nature Conservancy
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