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Getting new-to-file customers aboard a luxury cruise line

A major luxury cruise line wanted to drive bookings without overlapping marketing efforts or wasting their budget. Epsilon helped them reach the right people with personalized messages to efficiently drive new-to-brand bookings and provided transparent reporting to validate program success.

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Insights from 200M+ advanced consumer profiles

By combining first-party data with our 200M+ advanced consumer profiles, the cruise line understood their customers and prospects across thousands of attributes, including purchases, destinations and what they read online. This comprehensive, privacy-protected data enabled our campaign to reach the right people with personalized messages throughout all stages of their brand journey, driving new-to-brand bookings and growing loyalty among past guests.

We found new customers by matching 75% of buyer files to privacy-protected profiles, modeling past guest behavior to recognize qualified prospects and suppressing past guests from new messaging. These tactics helped us recognize new-to-brand prospects and serve them different messages, enabling the cruise line to reduce waste and get the most out of their acquisition budget.

By analyzing Epsilon impression and conversion feeds, we matched bookings to guests who received online ads improving efficiency and lowering cost to acquire by 50%.

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