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Conquesting guests from hotel competitors

A national hotel chain wanted to drive more direct room bookings through competitive conquesting—specifically, by messaging competitors’ guests online and incentivizing travelers to book with them. Using Epsilon MarketView transactional data, the hotel chain was able to optimize messaging to increase overall performance.

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Finding the right prospects with transactional insights 

Epsilon MarketView transactional data provided this national hotel chain with booking data and insights from more than 70 competing hotel chains. The data included insights into what the competitors’ guests purchase, how they make their purchases and how they connect with the brand.   

By identifying people who had transacted with six competing hotel brands, we optimized each prospect’s messaging via machine learning and increased the overall performance of the campaign. And the conquesting effort increased both brand awareness and market share in the competitive hotel space.   

Based on the success of the program, the client plans to expand their reach by engaging guests of additional competitors who were identified through MarketView data.  

This campaign allowed the hotel brand to message guests who had stayed at competitor brands across their devices, while suppressing online travel agency purchasers.

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