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Measuring the complete economic impact of digital ad spend

Visit Savannah, a destination marketing organization, wanted to acquire new visitors and measure their spend in town. Epsilon delivered relevant cross-channel messages to the right audiences and measured their net economic impact, resulting in strong return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Extending southern hospitality

To reach the right people, Epsilon focused on individuals that fall into categories like Luxury Travelers, Outdoor Enthusiasts and Health and Wellness Enthusiasts, from selected feeder markets across mobile and desktop.

Our Net Economic Impact (NEI) Solution was especially helpful for Visit Savannah once those tourists arrived in town. NEI goes beyond analyzing hotel and airline bookings alone, and provides a full understanding of how many visitors digital marketing influences, the top feeder markets, and how much they spend across key categories like restaurants, shops, gas stations and more, which they could then report back to the local Chamber of Commerce. 

For this groundbreaking campaign, Visit Savannah was awarded the 2019 eTSY Innovation Award for Best Use of New Ideas or Technology.

[The lodging ROAS] is one of the best results we’ve ever had, and it’s phenomenal that we can see all of the other data.

Zeek Coleman, Interactive Marketing Manager, Visit Savannah
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