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Measuring the impact of high-yielding visitors on local economy

Visit St. Pete/Clearwater (VSPC), a destination marketing organization, wanted to drive high-yielding travelers to Florida’s St. Pete/Clearwater area while measuring impact of their marketing on the local economy. Epsilon served relevant, mobile-rich display to in-market travelers and tracked their net economic impact in the area, resulting in a strong return on ad spend (ROAS).

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Relevant messages attract in-market visitors to the area

To drive the right high-yielding tourists to St. Pete/Clearwater, Epsilon leveraged our 200M+ customer profiles built on first-party data to create lookalike models of high-spending past visitors. Then, we assessed current traveler sentiment and targeted people the most likely to visit the area through mobile-rich display messages.

And while driving new visitors to the area is always a goal, VSPC needed to prove that their marketing was positively impacting the local economy—hotels, gas, nightlife and more. This is a challenge for many destination marketing organizations (DMOs) because they often don’t have a point of sale: they’re marketing an experience rather than a product.

Epsilon’s Net Economic Impact (NEI) Solution was especially helpful for VSPC once those tourists arrived in town, as NEI goes beyond analyzing hotel and airline bookings alone. It provides a full understanding of how many visitors digital marketing influences, the top feeder markets and how much they spend across key categories like restaurants, shops, gas stations and more—which they could then report back to local stakeholders.

The quality and scale of Epsilon’s first-party online and offline data is a huge differentiator—it was the complete data portfolio we needed.

Leroy Bridges, Vice President, Digital & Communications at Visit St. Pete/Clearwater
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