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Connecting online and offline drives ROI for women's retailer

A leading women’s retailer wanted to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. But their cookie-based targeting and online-only measurement approach didn’t show the whole impact of their digital media. Epsilon's identity solution found and messaged the right customers and prospects across channels, and our closed-loop measurement proved marketing performance for both online and offline conversions at the individual level.

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    incremental ROAS for retention
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    of annual purchases came from individuals we messaged
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    lower CPA than benchmark for acquisition

Cultivating one-to-one relationships

Using the retailer’s first-party data, our industry-leading matching technology and online and offline transactional data, we built a single view of every customer across their devices. We matched 89% of their customers to our 200+ million profiles. The retailer then delivered messages to an online audience of more than 2 million real people. 

Since our IDs are based on persistent profile attributes, not temporary cookie data, messages were personalized to each individual in the target audience based their unique needs, interests and behaviors.

And with cross-channel, closed-loop measurement, the retailer saw actual conversions, both online and off.

Our client previously made decisions based on <1% of their total purchases by limiting measurement and reporting to online click-to-conversions. We showed more of their customers’ actual transactions, both online and offline.

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