All devices and cookies matter. But can you match them to real people?

Every consumer uses an average 3.4 devices. This year, 54% of them will upgrade their phones. Add in an average 19 cookies per consumer, across devices and browsers.

That’s a lot of opportunities to say the wrong thing to the wrong person.

To accurately reach people across devices and cookies, marketers must find a smart way to match them. There are three different methodologies for doing this:

  • Probabilistic: Relies on limited third-party data to make guesses about consumers.
  • Deterministic (walled gardens; e.g., Facebook and Google): Generally only reaches logged-in users (and can’t message cross-device unless they log in across devices).
  • Deterministic (commerce-based): Starting with anonymized consumer IDs, this methodology links people to the purchases they make, plus their device IDs, cookies, demographic data and more. The highly accurate IDs last for years, even as devices update and cookies clear.

Based on these options, you can gather that commerce-based matching is the best approach to building long-lasting connections to the most consumers.

This is exactly the solution that we offer. Our 96% matching precision was verified by comScore in one of their largest studies ever. Because we know exactly who we’re messaging across every device, our clients confidently market to millions of real people.