Bots don't buy stuff. Don't waste money on them.

When marketers run digital campaigns, they should be confident that their ads are reaching the right people with the most relevant messages.

And they should be able to take for granted that they’re reaching real humans.

But that doesn’t always happen. The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) estimates that bots make up 37% of online traffic—with up to 173% more bots on higher-CPM channels, like video. All in, it’s estimated that marketers will waste $7.2 billion on ad fraud this year.

That’s why we created the 99%+ Human Guarantee. We guarantee that bots will make up less than 1% of your digital ad impressions, as measured by Integral Ad Science, or you’ll get double your money back for those impressions.*

With our highly accurate decisioning that’s always based on persistent consumer IDs, we deliver ads with confidence—not just to real people, but to the right real people. You’ll reach millions of your target consumers without wasting money on bots.

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*Applies to eligible new campaigns with a minimum spend of $50,000 in a 30-day period where offer is included on insertion order for the campaign. All ad traffic for each eligible campaign must be served on Conversant’s ad-serving platform. Campaigns run pursuant to a Full Platform Service Order or similar terms of Conversant’s full-service programs are not eligible for this offer. Offer is not available retroactively to completed or in-progress campaigns. Bot traffic (ad fraud) scoring by Integral Ad Science (IAS) shall be the sole measurement of bot traffic for purposes of this offer. Each ad must contain an IAS pixel for the measurement of bot traffic by IAS. Double money back offer applies only to portion of campaign spend on bot traffic above 0.99% as measured by IAS. Refunds pursuant to this offer of less than $2,000 will be in form of credit for next agency campaign with Conversant. For example, if 30-day campaign spend is $100,000, and IAS measures bot traffic at 1.5%, offer will result in a credit on next campaign of $1,020 (0.51%*$100,000*2 = $1,020). Offer is valid only for a limited time and may be revoked or canceled by Conversant at any time in Conversant’s sole discretion.