5 tips for spring cleaning your loyalty program

New seasons often inspire change. It’s a fresh start—time to begin something new. For loyalty marketers, it’s a great time to review your program and see if there’s any work that needs to take place. Consider these 5 tips for ‘spring cleaning’ your loyalty program:

1. Clean out the clutter: How many members do you have enrolled in your loyalty program? And, within each member segment, how many are active?  This spring, consider a reactivation campaign to determine if your customers are still interested in your brand, and if they’re not, inactivate them for the time being. For example, we recently engaged in a reactivation campaign with a travel and hospitality brand resulting in a $3.4MM lift in incremental spend within one year.

2. Spring forward your members: ‘On the bubble,’ is a phrase we often hear when a customer is on the edge of moving to the next tier in a loyalty program. Review your membership tiers and identify customers that are ‘on the bubble’ towards the next stage in their loyalty membership lifecycle. Communicate and let them know about their imminent change in status. Send messages that incorporate their current membership status and the added benefits they would gain in the next tier. Include offers as to how they can earn their final 5,000 points to become the platinum elite member they’ve been yearning for—you might be surprised at the responsiveness.

3. Shower them with love: Remember, a little goes a long way in the minds of your customers! Think about incorporating exclusive events for your loyalty members in which you invite them twice a year to attend. During the event, treat them like loyalty. Or, think about other ways in which you can make them feel exclusive, whether it’s welcoming a top tier customer back to your property or simply presenting them an offer thanking them for their continued loyalty. Even your best customers need some tender loving care.

4. Bloom your offerings: Still fulfilling on transactional rewards? Start thinking about how you can incorporate relational rewards into your program. Relational rewards are the items in which are personal, relevant and targeted to the likes of each unique customer. It fulfills on the meaning of loyalty to them. Leverage data and insights to determine their needs and think about ways in which you can fulfill on them. For example, I love Joe Disharoon’s example of the sports retailer in his recent article and how the reward is relevant to the customer’s interest in running. Relational loyalty is now.

5. Don’t do all the chirping: Did you know according to consumers, customer service agents failed to answer their question 50% of the time.  Don’t do all the talking.  Listen to your customers. Collect feedback.  Ask them “how you are doing?”  All of these customer service best practices will boost your customer engagement efforts as well.