Driving customer impact through continuous, consistent experiences

Consistent and continuous—already we’ve heard these words everywhere at this year’s Adobe Summit, and they play an important part in the emerging theme inside of reinvention.

Brad Rencher, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Digital Marketing for Adobe, kicked off the Summit with a keynote addressing the important of delivering consistent and continuous experiences as part of your overall brand experience. But as customer expectations rise, every business is now challenged to provide the real-time experience that customers are looking for. How can you make the most out of these moments of interaction with your customers?

Every customer interaction is a moment of opportunity for you to better understand the value created by the engagement and experience your customer has with your brand. Epsilon CEO Andy Frawley calls these moments “atomic moments of truth.” He uses this term because “atomic” describes the scale of matter down to the smallest level as well as its ubiquity. Atoms also contain volatile energy that can be constructive or destructive—truly driving customer impact.

How you respond when confronted with these atomic moments of truth can make or break a brand. These moments are happening 24/7, online and in-store, and it’s up to you to create continuous, consistent experiences that deliver value and forge deeper customer relationships. These relationships are the vital factor in your long-term loyalty and profitability.

Due to the engagement that Epsilon’s loyalty platform enables for customers through experiences that adapt to customer interactions in real-time, Epsilon was awarded the Customer Impact Award at Adobe’s Partner Innovation Showcase.

Epsilon was awarded the Customer Impact Adobe Innovation Award for the "Transforming Customer Loyalty Through Digital Innovation” solution, which demonstrated transformative value not only for the enterprise that is working with Epsilon, but for the customers of the enterprise, bolstering the full value chain.