Responsive design coming to Gmail

Last week the email community was buzzing, as Gmail announced they will be supporting embedded styles and media queries (code applied to email that allows for responsive design support) by the end of September. This is a big announcement as it means elements like responsive design will be supported by Gmail, which has more than 16% of total opens according to Litmus. But some brands have even higher Gmail usage across their customer base, which means they will now be able to deliver a truly accessible email campaign to subscribers.

What this means for email marketers?

You will have more control over how your subscribers view and interact with your campaigns as the content will now adapt to fit different screen sizes, regardless of where the message is being rendered: desktop, phone or tablet. This means you can spend more time crafting compelling email messages and less time worrying about how to develop “hacks” in the code to work around the lack of responsive design support.

What this means for email developers?

You can build emails with media queries and sleep at night knowing that Gmail and Inbox by Gmail will support your responsive design and render your creative as intended for mobile or tablet environments. Developers can also use <style> tags, which can apply different style commands to things like text once in the email, without having to code inline, ultimately reducing the amount of code, improving email load times and saving development hours.

Like any new release, there will be testing in the community and here at Epsilon to ensure these updates are supported as Gmail has promoted and understand if they will be rolled out to every version of the Gmail app. This leaves Outlook as the only major play not consistently supporting responsive design. Hopefully in the future, we can look forward to Litmus and Microsoft’s official partnership and anticipate changes coming soon to Outlook too.