Deliver perfectly targeted, personalized video ads in milliseconds, every time.

A recent Emarketer study predicts that video will be the fastest-growing content category on every platform through 2020. For your video content to truly stand out, it needs to be relevant—not only to the individual who’s watching it, but also fit the context and environment they’re watching it in.

Before delivering a video ad, your technology needs to consider:

  1. Is this the right person to see this message?
  2. How has this person interacted with your brand in the past? Have they seen your ads, visited your site or purchased from you before?
  3. What’s the best product image to show based on what they’ve already seen, put in their carts, bought in the past or are starting to research?
  4. What day of the week or time of day is it? What’s the best message for day or night, weekday or weekend?
  5. What location are they in? Where are they now, and where have they been?
  6. What’s the weather like? Could a weather-relevant message increase consideration or action?
  7. After taking all those variables into account: what’s the best call to action for them? Is now even the right time?

That’s a lot to decide in milliseconds before delivering the rich sight, sound and motion of a video ad. And it gets even more complex if you’re trying to do it across multiple vendors: from finding the right audience, to choosing the right creative and placement, to ensuring brand safety and ad quality. That’s why working with a trusted, end-to-end partner is vital to getting personalized video right every time.

We can help you get the most out of your video campaigns. Using your video pre-roll as a base, we custom build each ad from the ground up, layering in personalized text, targeted product shots and actionable end cards, then deliver these uniquely personalized videos across all your customers’ devices.

And our 160+ million consumer profiles, built across 7,000+ profile dimensions, inform the thousands of unique permutations for each campaign—so the messages that you deliver to each consumer are relevant and meaningful.