Differentiate your loyalty program with convenience

As loyalty marketers, we’re constantly looking for ways to differentiate our programs, our rewards, and create experiences for our members to achieve lifetime connections. We’re confronted with multiple technology options to enhance our loyalty programs and we spend hours deciphering the best solution for our brand. It’s imperative to find the differentiator for your loyalty program to drive customer engagement.

Having convenience built in to loyalty programs through mobile solutions can drive engagement. Across channels. enrollment, participation and redemption should be self-intuitive to make loyalty programs easy for members.

Let’s explore some brands that are creating convenience through their loyalty experiences:

Domino’s invests time and research into understanding what their customers want from their Piece of the Pie® rewards program (pizza!) and where customers are interacting with their brand. If their customers are online, Domino’s is making it easy for them to order online. Dominos’ ‘order with a text, a pizza emoji’ reflects the creative and fun aspect of the Dominos brand while also creating convenience. By speaking the customer’s language, Domino’s is not only connecting with their most loyal customers but they’re making it easier for customers to interact with their brand.

Starbucks’ rewards program is all about convenience. From enrollment, to the rewards app to mobile ordering, pay and redemption. In November 2017, Starbucks’ Mobile Order and Pay feature accounted for 10 percent of transactions. Additionally, Dunkin’ Donuts DD Perks program offers convenience with features of on-the-go mobile ordering, ‘pay with our app’, give the gift of Dunkin’ and find a Dunkin’ near you. The program is very relevant to each members’ preferences and provides offers and discounts of their favs and has a surprise and delight component and sends offers for extra treats and goodies ‘just for being you’.

Marriott’s focus on technology and how it helps to provide convenience, especially as it relates to mobile, keeps their customers engaged. Mobile enables an easy and seamless check-in experience, up to the minute updates on local attractions, reward earning opportunities and more. Additionally, Marriott team members undergo extensive training to understand how the loyalty program plays an integral role for the customer and they’re enabled to do everything in their power to consistently provide world class service that’s relevant to the needs of each and every member.

So when you’re planning for convenience as it relates to your loyalty program, there are many factors that bring convenience to life. Making your program easy to join, seamless to participate in and clear ways to redeem rewards is key. Mobile is an essential component and offers the benefits of text to enroll, coordinating members’ cell phone numbers to be their member number and integration with the brand’s app for points display, benefits and redemption offers, along with minimal rules and restrictions to avoid members having to jump through hoops to earn and redeem rewards. Convenience is one of the core pillars of differentiating your loyalty program. In my next article, I’ll explore comfort, cost, choice, communication and community and how they relate to loyalty.