Epsilon named a leader in customer loyalty by independent research firm

Epsilon is proud to be named a Leader in customer loyalty in the report: “The Forrester WaveTM: Customer Loyalty Solutions, Q3 2017,” as we continue to evolve our loyalty offering to help brands support a holistic customer experience.

We believe consumer expectations are moving rapidly towards a fully personalized relationship, not just personalized content or transactional recognition. Brands looking to deliver customer loyalty successfully to today’s savvy consumers must go well-beyond offering a program or points and deliver on a customer experience strategy that supports the customer lifecycle and inspires lifetime brand loyalty.

We continue to take the steps necessary to evolve our industry leading Agility Loyalty platform to meet the changing needs of our clients. As Forrester stated in the report, “Epsilon delivers loyalty solutions that support the customer life cycle. Since the last Forrester Wave evaluation, Epsilon has invested in bringing together its collective assets, including messaging capabilities from Agility Harmony and data and media capabilities from Conversant, into one holistic loyalty solution.”   

Here are features of Agility Loyalty that we find notable:

Reach the right customers across channels:  Agility Loyalty integrates seamlessly with Agility Harmony, Epsilon’s industry-leading digital messaging platform. With Harmony under the hood, Agility Loyalty can help marketers drive real-time content and offers via email, SMS, mobile push and more using powerful segmentation capabilities. Interactions can be personalized based on an event, customer’s preferences, transaction history, online behavior and more.

Real programs that are driven by real-time behavior: Agility Loyalty is designed to create a rewarding experience anytime, anywhere customers engage with your brand. Driving these engagements is Momentum, a cutting-edge decision engine that enables marketers to reward customer behavior in the moment with a relevant offer or message. With Momentum, Agility Loyalty recognizes customer actions and behaviors and calculates the most effective outcome to drive the desired consumer action using formulas and business rules defined by the marketer.

Reach customers online with unprecedented scale: Marketers can reach customers online with unprecedented scale via Conversant with the ability to target new and existing customers based on our deep knowledge of individual consumers and deliver the most relevant message based on the device they’re using, time of day, where they are in the purchase cycle, and much more.

Evolving loyalty efforts

As loyalty efforts evolve, Forrester stated “brands must move beyond today’s programmatic and transactional approaches to loyalty that sit within the confines of the marketing department.” Forrester also stated that “opportunities to influence customer loyalty occur at every stage of the customer life cycle, not just when a customer makes a repeat purchase.”

We feel Epsilon is uniquely positioned in this area due to our existing data assets, customer communication reach, and market and functional expertise, as well as our investments, acquisitions and partnerships that are moving the organization beyond traditional loyalty programs to customer experience capabilities.  We think this is backed by our Loyalty strategy services, which in the report, received the highest score possible for this criteria in the Current Offering category. According to the report, “Client references indicated they chose Epsilon for its depth of experience in the loyalty space and technology flexibility and expertise.” “One client described this flexibility as ‘we can dream up anything and Epsilon will help us realize it’.”

Epsilon also received the highest score possible in the report for Market presence based on revenue, number of employees and its client base, which includes world-renowned brands like Walgreen’s, Dunkin’ Brands and GNC among others.

Today, Agility Loyalty’s enterprise platform manages 600 million loyalty memberships worldwide. Epsilon has been a recognized industry leader and innovator in loyalty marketing for decades, having helped launch in 1982 Pan Am WorldPass, the world’s first global frequent traveler program and one of the market’s earliest loyalty programs.

We believe loyalty is the effort to identify, maintain and increase the yield of best customers through long-term, interactive, value-added relationships and look forward to continuing to help brands build lasting relationships with customers through the digital transformation.