Epsilon ranked as one of the most significant digital experience service providers

Epsilon is pleased to be named one of the 14 digital experience service providers that matter most by Forrester Research in the report: “The Forrester WaveTM: Digital Experience Service Providers, Q4 2017,” as we continue to leverage the power of data, technology, creative and analytics to help brands transform their business and deliver more personalized experiences.

In the report, Epsilon receives the highest score possible in the customer data management services, analytics services, digital experience technology services and marketing support criteria as part of the Current Offering category, which assessed digital experience services. As Forrester states, “When compared with other vendors we evaluated, Epsilon shows particular strength in customer data management, analytics, and marketing.”

In order to deliver the most relevant customer experiences today, we believe a brand’s approach must transcend traditional technology consulting and design practices and be centered on an ability to leverage a deep understanding of consumers with the capabilities to activate those insights in real-time to reach customers with personalized content in the moments that matter most.

As noted in the report, “The accelerating pace of customers’ rising expectations puts pressure on every company to build better – and even better – web, mobile and conversational interfaces: digital experiences. These experiences go beyond the screen to be relevant in every channel.”

Epsilon has been methodically building our expertise, innovating to deliver on the needs of the modern CMO and exceed the rapidly changing preferences of today’s consumers. We believe this requires the convergence of data, marketing communications and technology to drive experiences that consumers now expect. To help brands respond to increasing customer expectations, Epsilon’s solutions, backed by unmatched strategic customer experience services, deliver detailed customer profiles that are based on context and rich behavioral insights; leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to reach customers with personalized content and experiences in the channels where they interact; and measure results with analytics to consistently learn from and improve on prior customer interactions in real-time and at scale.

For example, working with a leading hotel chain we advised them on transforming their people, process and technology to improve the customer experience and helped them implement a solution leveraging data, content and technology to create customer centric, omnichannel experiences. This started with measured steps to remove silos that previously left multiple business units reaching the same traveler with little knowledge of what’s relevant, based on the individual’s travel stage. Now the brand has optimized cross-channel interactions through a centralized view of guests, a connected marketing technology ecosystem, and organizational alignment. As a result, they can deliver personalized messaging across devices at scale for more than 120 global destinations and over 4,400 properties.

To this end, Forrester cites Epsilon’s investment in data and tools to enable personalization stating, “Epsilon has significant experience in customer data management, email marketing services, and, with its Conversant acquisition, ad serving and tagging. It has invested in data and tools to enable real-time personalization at scale through Conversant.” Forrester also notes, “clients like the vendor’s ability to execute email marketing programs as well as its artificial intelligence expertise.”

Epsilon grew up with a strong DNA in both data and marketing technology – two pieces of the modern equation of customer experience that are vital to delivering for clients and helping them achieve sustainable success. Not only do we provide clients with industry leading email, loyalty and digital media solutions, but we collaborate with our broad partner network to build, integrate, implement and maintain systems that drive digital marketing results. Starting with customer data management services and ending with strategic analytic services we help brands not only deliver the best possible digital experience but consistently improve their decision making in real-time to drive sustainable success. Forrester notes, ““We like the company’s machine learning expertise and its ability to translate customer need and behavior into personas and targets.”

Sustainable success in digital experience today lies in a brand’s ability to engage customers with precision and individually tailored content via marketing automation, predictive analytics, machine learning and more. Epsilon is uniquely positioned to do this with a focused digital experience team of nearly 8,000 employees in 70 offices worldwide and we look forward to continuing to help our clients drive business growth through compelling digital experiences.