Achieve unparalleled ad quality

Brands are more concerned than ever about the publisher content next to their digital ads—and whether the impressions they’re paying for are actually viewable (and by humans).

To ensure that these needs are being met, marketers need more than just ad tech. As one eMarketer analyst put it, “even when we’re using technology there needs to be some sort of human review and involvement.”

We reached this conclusion years ago. We’ve always taken measures to ensure high-quality, non-fraudulent ad traffic and above-benchmark viewability for our clients, with the power of real people on our teams and at the center of our data.

For instance, our Traffic Quality Team personally reviews more than 600,000 sites and apps. And our teams optimize for viewability on publisher inventory, eliminating anything that doesn’t meet our strict standards.

To see all the steps we take, click the image below to view our infographic:

Our entire end-to-end solution is built on understanding consumers better than anyone, and reaching them with viewable, compelling messages that tell unique brand stories.

By delivering these next to relevant content on the best device and channel for each consumer—accurately, measurably and at scale—we’re fulfilling our promise of true one-to-one marketing.