Kepler shines at DMA Innovation Awards

When the Creative Technology team set out to bring game-changing innovation to the personalized video space through a mix of HTML5, ExtendScript and Angular, we weren’t doing so in order to win an award. That being said, I’m proud to announce that our creative video personalization platform, Kepler, will be honored at the upcoming Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Innovation Awards on October 16. The Innovation Awards celebrate game-changing technologies and platforms across the industry. Kepler was selected as the winner in the highly-competitive “Digital Marketing Platform” category.

This award serves as yet another testament to the pioneering work being done to merge data and creative that’s taking place here at Conversant. One of our driving objectives has always been to ensure complete and uncompromising brand representation across all advertisers that we work with. To accomplish this at scale across a constantly-growing customer base, we’ve invested heavily to incorporate algorithmic automation into the creative development process.

Extending this approach to our video ad units was nothing less than ambitious. But with our vast data resources, sophisticated infrastructure and talented team of engineers and creatives,  we found ourselves uniquely situated to create the most advanced solution on the market. The final product is a truly groundbreaking blend of art and technology.

Kepler is an extensible angular framework which layers thousands of unique profile dimensions and creative assets —video clips, text, imagery, colors, layouts and more—into a baseplate asset, resulting in a custom, personalized video ad unit for each individual. Each dynamic element is informed by the viewer’s attributes—purchase behavior, browsing history, geolocation, time of day, weather and more—resulting in a unique video experience each and every time. Videos can include anything from promotions and recommended products to nearest store location, and can be served to desktop, programmatic and mobile publishers.

Our massive digital footprint, hundreds of millions of consumer profiles and leading cross-device match rates inform the millions of unique permutations for any given video campaign. This variety helps to eliminate brand fatigue that often results from showing the same video to consumers throughout the duration of their messaging journey. And Kepler also significantly reduces time-to-live for campaigns—critical in an industry where hours are measured in dollars.

The Innovation Awards kick off the DMA’s annual &THEN conference and Kepler’s video will be showcased throughout. Click here for more information on the Innovation Awards and the DMA &THEN Conference.