Micro-moments in email: underused and underestimated

Email is a mature channel, though it is constantly evolving. As an industry we have been talking about getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time – but we haven’t yet mastered it. However, today’s consumer demands a level of relevance and understanding from the brands they interact with in a much more sophisticated way than ever before.

It is this reality that is forcing email marketers to find new and innovative approaches to delivering on that expectation. But just looking at how a segment performed last week or last month isn’t enough to predict what is most relevant today. Marketers need to understand what’s happening in moments, in real-time, to truly deliver what the customer wants and needs, at that point in time.

Tapping into micro-moments, the hundreds or thousands of touchpoints that consumers have with digital channels throughout the day, is particularly important for email marketers. However, many are not activating these moments effectively – either because it is too complex or they don’t have the right tools, content or data. Having the right partner is critical for success in today’s landscape in order to drive innovation and keep customers engaged by creating value with each and every campaign.

Here are some considerations for getting the most out of your program and the tools at your disposal:

  • Stop segmenting and start dialoging:
    Leveraging segmentation as a means for predicting future performance used to be effective. Today’s consumers, however, are transacting in moments. Being able to identify when those moments occur, leveraging digital signals and footprints, and integrating real-time data processing and messaging allows brands to contribute to the conversation. It isn’t about what a brand wants to say anymore. It’s about the conversation the consumer wants to have with the brand.
  • Evolve your definition of personalization:
    Personalization is a frequent topic of conversation within marketing in general, but especially amongst email marketers since email can be easily personalized. But personalization means something different to everyone. If you immediately jump to the subject line and first name use within email content— as many do— it is time to open your mind to other elements such as: creative, discounts and offers, copy sentiment, timing of message deployment, cadence of communication and so much more. It’s not just about what you say. It’s about delivering an experience that resonates and creates an emotional connection at the right moment in time.
  • Deliver an engaging experience within the inbox:
    With the ability to deliver more engaging experiences within the inbox, creating an interactive and engaging experience is simplified and sometimes even fun! From progressive profiling, real-time polling and video and games, we can now deliver a consumer-friendly experience without having to force them out of their inbox. This keeps them engaged and interested.

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