Adopting an agile mindset for business growth

Cloud-based solutions, mobile, social and other emerging technologies make this a particularly exciting yet challenging time for the marketing industry. Changes in customer preferences and shifts in consumer technology are reshaping how brands connect with their customers. Further, CMOs want to know the right consumers and reach them at moments of interest. This requires powerful technology platforms that can activate insights in real-time to create emotional connections with consumers and easily adapt to meet their changing needs.

But to succeed in this environment and to successfully deliver technology solutions that will drive business growth for brands requires a change in mindset. Not only must business processes and technology adapt to be more nimble but the people behind the technology must also adapt.

That’s why in October 2016 Epsilon became a Member Organization with the International Consortium of Agile (ICAgile), a leading global Agile accreditation and certification body. The goal behind this partnership was to create and accredit a three-day Epsilon Core Agile Training Boot Camp, enabling continued innovation within the organization changing the way we view, develop and deliver products to our clients.

Working with ICAgile, we realize the power of agility by focusing on the transformation of our associates through learning journeys that help them achieve an Agile mindset rather than only focusing on the Agile processes. Epsilon Core Agile Training Boot Camp received ICAgile accreditation in December 2016, which confirms that the course meets proven learning objectives established by worldwide Agile thought leaders and practitioners. Ahmed Sidky, President of ICAgile, shared, “Epsilon has demonstrated their commitment to maintain the highest level of quality in Agile learning by accrediting their course. They successfully completed accreditation by having their course and instructors evaluated via a live session with an experienced agilist. We’re proud to have Epsilon join our community of organizations who offer ICAgile-accredited learning.”

To date, more than 150 Epsilon associates and leaders in the product management, engineering and quality assurance functions have completed the course with hopes of more than doubling that in 2017.

Over the past two decades, Agile/Lean philosophies, concepts and methodologies have been transformative and disruptive in both the software delivery and product management organizations. The benefits of Agile practices are by now well acknowledged and a recent report “VersionOne 10th Annual State of Agile Report”, which surveyed software professionals found:

  • 87% of companies reported improved ability to manage changing priorities
  • 85% of companies reported Increased Team Productivity
  • 81% of companies reported Increased Team Moral and Motivation
  • 80% of companies reported Faster Time to Market

Adopting an agile mindset enables our teams to:

  • Increase their aptitude to quickly adapt to the evolving needs required in today’s digital marketplace
  • Optimize team performance by bringing out the special talents and voices of every team member through increased awareness of emotional intelligence and team dynamics
  • Create an environment for individuals and teams to self-actualize, increasing employee motivation and engagement and thereby increasing client satisfaction through transparent partnerships
  • Deliver product increments called Minimal Viable Experiments (MVE) and Minimal Viable Products (MVP) quickly to the market

Adopting an agile mindset enables our technology to:

  • Change technology direction more rapidly and understand the implications of doing so on an as-and-when-needed basis, which is essential given today’s rapidly evolving markets with narrower windows of opportunity
  • Maintain its industry-leading capabilities by delivering on a sustained pace and regularly inspecting the value of previous deliveries to make smart decisions of future change
  • Deliver value to the business within the shortest effective time to market
  • Improve quality satisfaction through incremental and iterative development where each increment is built with a quality focus
  • Continuously integrate and deliver small increments of work into the product every 2-4 weeks.
  • Move to a DevOps environment to deliver with maximum speed, functionality and innovation

Epsilon has a rich history and heritage of innovation, which includes building the first customer/mail-order database for Apple and helping to launch PanAm WorldPass, the world’s first global frequent traveler program and one of the market’s earliest loyalty programs. This accreditation not only helps our associates transform their careers but also helps to propel our industry-leading technology through the era of digital transformation, allowing us to deliver for our clients.