Celebrate World Emoji Day with increased customer engagement

July 17 is World Emoji Day. So, it only seems fitting to celebrate the global impact emojis have had in our everyday lives both as consumers and marketers.

Currently 92% of consumers are using emojis online and marketers are starting to take note of the trend. In fact, emoji-based marketing campaigns are increasing by 777% year over year.

Why are emojis so popular? They're cross cultural – everyone can understand an image despite which language we speak. They’re emotional and personal. They can make a greater connection and can express feelings faster and more accurately than words. Plus, they’re fun and playful and an effective way for brands to better engage and connect with consumers.

Consider these three ways emojis in marketing help ⬆ engagement.

In Email

Emojis not only help your subject line stand out in your consumers’ crowded inbox, they can also help increase email open rates. In fact, brands using emojis in their subject lines have experienced a 45% increase in open rates according to Moveable Ink.

In Social Media

Research shows that social profiles that use emojis tend to have more followers because they connect with a wider audience. So use emojis to relay greater meaning with less effort and time required on the consumer’s end and enjoy 17% higher interaction rate as a result.

In Push App Notifications

The majority of digital media consumption is happening on mobile apps. Emotions impact buying more than logic, so using emojis in your notifications can help you connect with consumers on a deeper level. But beware – consumers are quick to delete, so take advantage of the added meaning of emojis and say more with less.

How Brands Are Winning with Emojis

Industry-leading brands like McDonald’s, Coke, Taco Bell and Bud Light have had success with emojis in their marketing campaigns One of the most talked about usages of emojis was when Dominos introduced emoji ordering. Registered customers could order a pizza by simply tweeting the pizza emoji. Emoji ordering has since been permanently integrated into the company's ordering system.

Kayak is currently using emojis to market in an original way. Starting July 17th, Kayak users can search for vacation packages across the globe using emojis. What better day to release this new worldly travel search tool than on World Emoji Day?

Since June, thousands of consumers have been voting on which emojis should represent certain countries. The flag emojis will represent the capitals of each country and other emojis, like the beer mug, will be assigned to represent cities like Dublin or Munich.

Tips for Joining the Party

Want to incorporate emojis into your next marketing campaign to increase consumer engagement? Here are some tips for success.

  • Make sure the emoji resonates with the target audience.
  • Don't let emojis stand alone. Instead, use emojis to enhance text in a way that is understandable across cultures, adds context and enhances your message.
  • Make sure the emoji is accepted across platforms so that it can be properly viewed.
  • Use emojis organically and stay consistent with your overall brand. Don't force it in an attempt to be current.
  • Understand the hidden meanings behind certain emojis to avoid sending the wrong message.
  • Take advantage of the limitless creative opportunities and do something new and fresh! Creativity makes consumers excited about a brand, so use it to stand out among your competitors.

Still unsure? The safest way to try out an emoji is with a celebratory message. Emojis are fun and evoke emotion, so using them to express happiness or excitement is a good starting point to integrate them into your messaging.