Clicks and mortar: Creating loyal customers through customer engagement

Sorry, stores. Consumers just aren’t that into you any more. Shoppers are breaking free of the brick-and-mortar confines that used to limit their purchasing options and are taking advantage of the rapid rise in digital communication channels.

They are leveraging new technology that allows them to research, compare, and purchase products wherever, whenever, and however they choose. Increasingly, consumers are shifting their loyalties to enjoy robust online experiences, unique social media interactions, multiple delivery options, and even in-store engagement.

If you don’t offer a seamless customer experience across multiple channels, you risk sacrificing business and eroding customer loyalty. Too many retailers still operate in silos, hampered by legacy information systems and organizational structures that limit, and often discourage, cross-channel interactions. To break down those barriers and generate long-term loyalty, you must embrace an omnichannel approach that meets and engages customers wherever they are.