Conversation with Giants: Success doesn’t happen by accident

John Immesoete, Epsilon’s chief creative officer, is the executive producer and front-man of the new podcast and video series, Conversation with Giants. The series features John and real media geniuses—such as Bob Scarpelli, Ron Lazzeretti, and John Condon—discussing the industry’s history, trends, and future direction. The interview-like sessions offer insight on topics such as what makes advertising great, how to motivate creative people and the difference between running a city’s largest creative department and your own agency.

John has written and created award winning original materials and his enthusiasm for engaging the consumer and generating a narrative for brands has led him to this new series.

A recent episode features Roy Sillicorn, Owner/Executive Producer of Seed Media Arts. John and Roy discuss what motivates creative talent and the risks that come along with working in the advertising/film industry. Roy gives an interesting and honest perspective on film production stating how it can, “Take a hit on your own reputation, and that’s all you have; people either believe in me or they don’t.”

The two also discuss how to handle situations that don’t go according to plan, such as a stunt in company growth. The advertising/film industry is constantly being presented with new challenges. How does one take on these challenges? Change. Adapting to change is essential to be successful, accompanied with talent. Being creative is also key. Companies that have adapted to technological advances as well as other changes have been the successful ones in the industry. Roy and John have both experienced this in their careers and stress the importance of adaption to change throughout the episode.

Other advice from Roy on success: “You have to break the rules, continue to learn something new every day and pick the right people to hang around with.”

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